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Create your Bootcamp today!

At Bootcamp Montreal, we aim to get you into the best shape of your life!
Our expert trainers provide high energy workouts including upper and lower body 

strengthening exercises.
 We incorporate a lot of cardio in our Bootcamps
so you will 
develop lean muscle while you burn tons of unwanted fat! 

Creating your Bootcamp is fun and easy! First you would need to decide on a location.
Do you have a space in your home that can 
accommodate at least 4 people to exercise comfortably? Is there a park you would like to use a Bootcamp location?
Do you need us to find a comfortable location for your group (outdoor only).


The more participants in your group, the less you pay!
As long as you have 4 people who are 
committed to joining your bootcamp, you're ready to go!

Do it yourself Bootcamps start at $100 for the hour, this is the cost for 4 - 10 
$150/hr for 11 - 20 people and $200/hr for 21 people or more
(max 35)

Let us know all about your plans and we'll have your Bootcamp
up and running as soon as possible!

Create your Bootcamp!
How many days of the week would you commit to training?
Have you ever joined a Bootcamp before?
What are you most interested in?
When would you like to start?

Thanks for submitting!

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